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Original Ginger Ale

Ginger just makes you feel good. It's a natural stimulant, a satisfying spice and a well-known home remedy. Find out more about this one of a kind beverage.

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Premium Indian Tonic Water

Created with versatility in mind, our Indian Tonic Water is the perfect combination of bitterness and sweetness which helps it bring balance to a variety of spirits.

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Best restaurants serve the best mixers. Across our restaurant chains we choose to serve Jade Forest mixers

A good drink is best described through the balance of flavours and that's exactly what Jade Forest bring to the table. We serve Jade Forest at all our bars.

Like herbs enhance your bowl of food, a good mixer enhances your signature spirit. Jade Forest's range of mixers does just that. 

We have collaborated with Jade Forest at various brand events and have always had a great experience.